What Athena Members Say….

It’s better that our members tell you more about us and the benefits that they have gained from joining The Athena Network.

I have to say how hugely enjoyable it has been being part of the Athena Network. Everyone is so alive and vibrant and we are constantly being fed new innovative ideas from the different members and visitors. As an elderly Granny (!!) I have been really well woken up into the 21st century, taking on board social media skills, linkedin, eventbrite, paypal, and most shocking of all how to present myself as if I am FANTASTIC! What a life changing, life enhancing experience and all with the support and help of such a wonderful team. We are all set on trying to help each other, led by our remarkable dynamic and caring mentor …..

Margaret M.

Joining The Athena Network is one of the very best actions that I have ever taken for my business. After a year of membership 60% – 70% of my work was coming through Athena members and their contacts, and this trend is ongoing. Not only are Athena meetings beneficial to my business, I actually enjoy them! Networking doesn’t get any better than that.

Tamsin F-D

I just want to say how very happy I am that I joined Athena. It’s now been three months and already I feel like it’s a very important little part of my life. I have met such a fantastic group of ladies who are all very professional, positive and generous. What a bonus we get to meet up in elegant surroundings and eat a delicious lunch! Your hard work and encouragement has generated a fabulous network. I want to personally say a very big thank you. I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting organisation.

Deborah T

Despite the economic downturn, our group seemed to grow from strength to strength throughout 2009. Every month new women with wonderful businesses arrived – knowing that in whatever way possible, we would help them realise their potential. . ‘Athena’ offers a fresh approach to your business and also that special bond of support and inclusion that women are so good at’.

Alex P

I joined the Athena network in both Newbury and Aldermaston & Theale and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. Networking with such fantastic and enthusiastic groups of ladies from all lines of business and led by our energetic and encouraging leader, Debbie, has both inspired me and enabled me to work in a very abundant and reciprocal way with many members. I wouldn’t hesitate to thoroughly recommend joining your local group if you want to broaden your horizons and contacts as well as making some very firm friends.

Vikki Champion, Vie Photography, www.viephotography.co.uk

From the very first meeting of the Athena Aldermaston group I could sense a real desire to share ideas and support each other, alongside that each member demonstrated drive and passion about their individual businesses. For that reason I joined at the end of that first meeting. I am sure it will be a successful group enthusiastically run by Debbie.

I have generated lots of new business through Athena networking. I also find the camaraderie between the group is invaluable especially for someone like myself who works alone. I think it is definitely worth the money.

Paula Pitts, Tewin Interior Design

“Newbury Athena proves that women are true polymaths: motivated, focussed, determined yet warm, inclusive and supportive” … Lynne Baker Calla Salon ( Beauty Therapist), previously founder member of Basingstoke and founder member of Newbury and likely to join another in West Berks.

“I was sceptical when I first encountered this type of networking group but decided to give it a go – I have to say that I got hooked! My membership of the Athena Network has been really worthwhile and beneficial. I have been supported by other members (often without charge) and my membership has opened my eyes to all sorts of opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have known about – our group is such a friendly and supportive group, I would definitely recommend it”.

Valerie Gommon, Independent Midwife

“The Athena Network seems to attract special women who create a special atmosphere. Within this environment great networking takes place and new members are always made to feel welcome and valued, with the opportunity to benefit from excellent New Member Training.”

Avril Bates, LighterLife Counsellor – Buckingham

“Athena is the only local network for me! Since my very first contact with Jonquil, I have felt completely welcome and at home. Every meeting I am excited to be meeting up with this supportive group, many of whom are now friends as well. I’ve met up with several other members professionally outside the group, so the networking side really does work in expanding your business too!”

Naomi Martell, Change and Wellbeing Coach

I joined Athena, MK South as a founder member and have found it to be a fantastic means of generating business. It took a couple of months to gain clients but once the trust element had been established, I have and am in the process of “Nancying” most of the members. And the best testimonial for me is for someone to stand in up in a meeting, wearing their new clothes, radiating confidence and speaking about what a positive experience it has all been. From a cost point of view, I have more than recouped my membership fee, have made some excellent contacts and it’s fabulous working with like-minded women. Jonquil is an inspiring RD and I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting new networking opportunity.

Nancy Stevens, Image Consultant, Altered Image www.alteredimagemk.co.uk

I had never networked before and was quite apprehensive when I went to my first lunch. However, everyone was extremely friendly, welcoming and supportive and I soon go the hang of it. Oh, and the food is delicious!
I particularly enjoy Cappuccino Connections as they are a great way to get to build on the connections made at the meetings, in a more relaxed and informal way. You also get to meet and chat with other business women you might not otherwise speak to at the meetings.

Clare Darrell: IT management Milton Keynes

I only needed to visit Athena once before making the decision to join in their success. The meetings are vibrant and create a relaxed environment in which to do business and make friends! Since being involved with Athena I have generated around £20,000 worth of business just in a few months and have even taken out a 2 year subscription. Most importantly I have met some fascinating people who I am looking forward to getting to know better. Networking really does work – and it’s fun!

Nicolas Cameron, HR and H&S Services, South Milton Keynes

Becoming a Colour and Image consultant was a complete change of career for me. Before I was a paediatric nurse, and all my clients were found for me!! I was a network virgin. However, the welcome and support I have received from becoming a member of the Athena Networking Group was fantastic. To be among such dynamic, enthusiastic and successful business ladies has been truly amazing. The investment I have made has been re-couped already by the new business I am getting. So, if you are thinking of joining a networking group, Athena is the one.

Pauline Harwood, Colour and Image Consultant for House of Colour

I am a local Enfield Athena Member and really do enjoy both our scheduled monthly meetings and more informal coffee mornings. I urge anyone reading this to come along and visit us and see what it’s all about. We have a fantastic group of business ladies with diverse skills and trades and together we work well in referring business to each other.

Daniela Frangiamore, Sprint Stationers. Supplying all your office stationery needs.

Sometimes we get so worked up trying to get our businesses running smoothly that we forget to enjoy it along the way! Athena was a gentle reminder to me of this. You see it’s friendly, non-pressured, enjoyable and productive all rolled into one. For me, and I know I’m not alone in this, that relaxed environment is the most productive for business. Athena has provided me with lots of business, good contacts, helpful advice and a supportive environment. What more could you ask? Do come along and join us at the next meeting and see for yourself.

Deborah Smyth, Local Editor, Mums in Control Magazine 020 8367 3703

I have been a member of Athena for nearly 4 months now and having attended various networking groups over the past 8 years I have to say this is the most pleasant! It is unintimidating and business is done in a far more subtle manner yet as a business we have still gained as much financially as we have from other groups which have proved far more costly and pressurised. As always with a broad spectrum of businesses it is a great place for picking up advice and tips for your own business. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and I would recommend anyone who is vaguely interested to come along and see for yourself and make up your own mind! I look forward to meeting you.

Julia Sondack, DRAPEMASTERS INTERIOR FURNISHERS 020 8360 3082/07812 575325

The Athena Network in Enfield is great! I am delighted I joined as I am now part of a growing circle of business women who are like-minded, dynamic and great fun. We pass on thoughts and ideas and help each other’s businesses. This all happens over a very pleasant lunch and is just a great way of doing business and meeting new people. Our group is very ably managed by Rosy Holt. I highly recommend any business woman to join.

Carmel Webster, Top Admin.

By just following up two leads from the meeting, I gained two new clients, of which each will spread our services” Amazing potential plus new friendships are to be had. You have nothing to lose ladies.

Halina Fyfe, Herald Insurance

I have decided to join Athena as it feels like a relaxed and effective way to network with similar minded businesswomen. The atmosphere at Athena is very friendly and welcoming but also structured to help you promote and develop your business. I have already met some women with whom I will be meeting for a ‘one to one’ as their businesses are compatible with mine.

Nalan Senverdi, Personal Stylist

Signed up straight away – already have two meetings booked with other members to see how we can work together and grow our businesses”.

Deborah Pottinger, Eye Media Publications – “making your business visible”.

I went to 2 Athena Lunches, this past week and it’s very clear why Athena is a leading ladies network. It feels that we are building a community rather than a competitive work space, and I see myself reflected in the creative, strong and confident women who frequent these meetings. I look forward to the continued growth of our group. Warm Regards!

Lena Fenton, LifeWorks Coaching

Hello Sylvia,

Thank you so much for today and again, so inspiring. I leave feeling so motivated, if I haven’t got 100 things to do already it makes me think of another list of actions and meetings to add to it.
Kindest regards and thank you again.


Hi Sylvia

Through attending 3 meetings with Athena, 2 formal, 1 Cappuccino Connections, I have not only met wonderful like-minded ladies, I have also created several business opportunities. My chosen Charity is Breast Cancer and I offer my time to hold a class a month for breast cancer patients who are unable to fund the Colour & Image Journey, through Athena I have met Tamalia who has offered her design services to create my proposition leaflet and Sharon who has offered to copyright my 6 pages of waffle into something wonderful, – both are giving their services without charge. The kindness of these ladies has encouraged me to join Athena and all of this was achieved as a visitor………. how powerful!

Kind Regards, Helen

Hi Sylvia

Thanks again for the meeting yesterday – I feel full of energy today as result of some of my thoughts that have come out of the meeting. Nothing like a bit of focus!!


Hi Sylvia,

I just wanted to say a big thanks for the warm welcome I got today at the Athena meeting. It was great to meet all the ladies and have a good chat, and wonderfully different from the male dominated world of Royal Mail. There was bags of enthusiasm in the room and loads of support and I will send over a cheque to join within the next few days.

I feel so much better about my business and nobody stood up and said what a rubbish idea, but had only support and advice to offer, which was very welcome. I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

Cheers, Liz

Dear Sylvia and all the ladies at today’s meeting,

Thank you for your warm welcome. I look forward to a continuing relationship and getting to know you all in due course. I have already learnt so much from the two Athena meetings I have attended and the one Cappuccino Connections meet and I know that I will continue to develop within the group. I find the meetings inspirational and the speakers captivating. Sylvia’s style is warm but professional and she certainly does inspire.
I look forward to meeting you again in December.

Kind regards, Cecily

Once again, another fabulous meeting! Whatever did I do before discovering Athena?!!
Athena has given me back a part of my life which I had lost for a long time – an identity – and a circle of friends who are of a similar mindset and have a sense of integrity and fun!
Have got another half a dozen people to follow up and what is an added bonus, is that the people Athena are such lovely human beings – and so motivated!

From my earliest contact with Jacqueline in March 2009, I have benefitted from Jacqueline’s networking strategies. She is a confident and knowledgeable businesswoman, particularly able to discern where a business, and/or the business owner, can improve its public profile and increase its sales of services or products. I have personally watched Jacqueline create advantageous connections between members of the Athena Network, offer her time and insights to help its members improve their reach, give leads to outside business people who could prove useful and lead valuable training sessions.

Ultimately, Jacqueline leads the multi-national Athena Network with her unique combination of business know-how, charisma and commitment. She is by no means just a figurehead. I would not hesitate to recommend her to lead training, consult on potential networks for a business or do public speaking engagements. As a member of the Athena Network in the U.K., I am thrilled to be a personal recipient of her warm and welcoming demeanour at meetings and events, as well as her generous offers of help to make my business prosper.

Lisa March, Your Great Life

Hello Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for the great new member training yesterday. I am not strictly a ‘new member’ having joined in April, but I really wanted a re-cap and the information on not saying your profession at the beginning was particularly helpful. Especially as most people either do not know what life coaching or Ayurveda is, or have a pre-conceived view of life coaching. So thanks for that!

Have a lovely day, Bindi

If you are a female in business then you should be in Athena!
After ‘doing the rounds’ of the various networking groups, I felt instantly at ease with Athena. It is a great mix of professional ladies with the same goals to develop their business and excel at what they do. Rarely do a leave a meeting without another tip on how to make our business more successful.
The Regional Directors of Athena are all successful businesswomen, their genuine passion and vision for Athena, makes the network a very exciting place to be.If you are a female in business then you should be in Athena!After ‘doing the rounds’ of the various networking groups, I felt instantly at ease with Athena. It is a great mix of professional ladies with the same goals to develop their business and excel at what they do. Rarely do a leave a meeting without another tip on how to make our business more successful.The Regional Directors of Athena are all successful businesswomen, their genuine passion and vision for Athena, makes the network a very exciting place to be.

Louise Major, Igloo Creative

As a relatively newcomer to networking, I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of all the women I had met at Athena. The difficult choice was knowing which group to join, but being in a privileged position where I am the only Specialty Tea Institute graduate that retails and wholesales loose leaf tea in the UK, I had the pick of the crop. A lot of my regular customers have come from the Athena network, and women being the greatest networkers, I have had many a referral from several Athena groups. The networking lunches and Cappucinno Connection meetings have been very beneficial to my business and I look forward to receiving training from Athena too in the very near future. Stella Fehmi, thank you for making me and my startup business most welcome, many thanks for the introductions and guidance. Ladies from all the groups I’ve attended, many thanks for your continued support and advice.

May King Tsang from www.maykingtea.com

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What Athena Members Say …

Nicky Fitzmaurice

"Athena Networking has been the making of me! I have made more friends and learnt more about business tools and networking strategy in the last year than I ever thought possible. Athena’s focus on training members to be the best that they can be, whilst in a supportive and nurturing environment, gave me the confidence to learn and grow which in turn allowed my business to do the same. It is this, that is the heart of Athena. No hard sell amongst the members, we encourage one another to help where we can. I always come away from a meeting inspired and bubbling with ideas on how to grow my business. It’s a fabulous way to live, learn and grow. Nicky Fitzmaurice www.satinpaperbacks.com

Selena Ludick

“The Athena network can be distinguished from any other networking group I attend. Its structure and form mean that members who attend are committed and dedicated to proactive networking which on turn achieves tangible results.  This benefits me and my firm,  in just a two  hour monthly meeting I have the opportunity to talk to other business women about me, my business and what I need and how I can be helped.  The environment for delivering this is focused and professional. As a result referrals are made and recommendations given which, for me achieves increased clients and in turn builds greater contacts.  As a busy business women Athena also provides a forum to connect with other business women on a social / friendship basis so “all work and no play does not make this Jill a dull girl” Athena motivates me, strengthens my vision, equips and endorses me but most of all provides the fuel every business women needs to keep raising her game and stepping up to the mark.”

Rosie Mortimer

Working mostly on my own, I really appreciate the positive camaraderie of the Athena women. Whatever need or concern one has, there is always someone able, and enthusiastically willing, to help with good advice. I find the interaction tremendously stimulating and enjoyable - and highly instructive. A wonderful group to see regularly, with excellent opportunities to meet other interesting and skilled women at training days. Thank you Athena!


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