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Cropped headshotSophie Fleming loves learning about health and wellness especially cooking and eating healthily. Her interest in the environment started at an early age and she is passionate about making the world a better place through volunteering, helping others and reducing her environmental footprint.

Sophie went on to graduate with a 2:1 degree in environmental sciences from the University of East Anglia. However, as is often the case with young people starting their professional life, she worked in jobs that did not excite or satisfy her.

After some years she realised that this wasn’t what she had been dreaming of doing. So, when given the chance to start a part-time business in environmentally-friendly skincare, nutrition and cosmetics she decided to go for it. A year later, thanks to the strength and integrity of the products, her own networking and inter-personal skills and hard work, her new business was thriving. Sophie then took a leap of faith and quit the working world to become a full time entrepreneur. (you can read more here)

In January 2016 Sophie’s search for a networking group led her to Athena Hampstead which she immediately knew would be a good fit for her. A few months later, the power of being part of a networking group became evident and when the opportunity came to take over the North London region as the Regional Director she knew that she had to say yes. She had no doubt that her strong networking ability would help her grow the region while benefiting the members.

Sophie now looks forward to making long lasting connections with the members in the groups whilst helping them grow their business’ outside of it. North London is a great place to be with many independent business owners and Sophie intends to grow the region to its optimal level by regularly launching new groups in other locations.

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Vanessa Stottor

“Athena has rocked my world! Athena is the full package – contacts, fun, supportive, motivating, training and development, inspiring, and a respect for each other. I love how I have been able to help others. Most importantly Athena has played a huge part in the growth of me and my family!” Vanessa Stottor Beauty Consultant & Inspirational Trainer

Laurenne Dorgan

“Athena, for me, has been a great support network. Athena has given me a huge sales force and a network of businesses I can depend upon and lastly some truly great friends” Laurenne Dorgan Printer & Graphic Designer

Cathy Strudwick

“Joining Athena was my best investment. Most importantly after 25 years in a corporate environment where I was at ease with what I was doing, I was starting something completely new. I received wonderful support and encouragement from my Regional Directors and also from other members. Without them I think I might have given up! After 3 years my business has grown and I have made some very good friends and contacts”. Cathy Strudwick Health Insurance

Frances Bodington

“The Athena Network provides the support system and the feeling of ‘belonging’ for sole traders who can often feel lonely and isolated”.


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