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Developing Quality Strategic Alliance Partnerships (SAP's)

Monday 19th September @ 10am GMT

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During This Masterclass You Will Discover ...

How To Develop Quality Strategic Alliance Partnerships

Many women find that they are putting in more hours running their own business than they expected.

Working "in" your business with too little time to work "on" the business is not productive.

One of the keys to growing your own business and ensuring that you make more profit in less time is to collaborate and develop joint ventures/strategic alliance partnerships with others bringing together complimentary skills and assets to create a formidable force. Even the most talented business woman can only achieve so much and go so far on her own.

So, how do you do that?

On this Masterclass you will learn how to develop quality Strategic Alliance Partnerships so that it is beneficial for both parties; professionally and personally.

  • What is a Strategic Alliance Partnership?
  • How do you approach someone to create one?
  • What types of Strategic Alliance Partnerships are there?
  • Who would benefit from a Strategic Alliance Partnership
  • Why would you create one?

Your September Masterclass Host

Jacqueline Y B Rogers

Your Masterclass Host

The Founder of The Athena Network personally presents a monthly Masterclass for our valued members to support their networking development.

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