Networking Strategy  Masterclass ...

Mastering The "Follow Up"

Monday 16th May @ 10am GMT

This Masterclass has now finished.  To find out how to access the replay please contact your Regional Director

During This Masterclass You Will Discover ...

How To Follow Up Effectively

Mastering the true art of networking or connecting is the key for a truly profitable and rewarding experience for you and your business.

On this Masterclass you will learn how to follow up effectively after attending a meeting and receiving referrals.  This means that you will become known as the "go-to" person and raise your profile.

  • What strategies do you have in place following a meeting?
  • Create a simple process to ensure that you do not miss lead referrals.
  • Prepare templates so that you are able to respond swiftyl
  • How to use social media to follow up

Your May Masterclass Host

Jacqueline Y B Rogers

Your Masterclass Host

The Founder of The Athena Network personally presents a monthly Masterclass for our valued members to support their networking development.

Make a note and reserve the 3rd Monday of every month at 10am.