Networking Strategy  Masterclass ...

Mastering The Art Of Presenting A Memorable Monthly Minute

Monday 18th April @ 10am GMT

This Masterclass has now finished.  To find out how to access the replay please contact your Regional Director

During This Masterclass You Will Discover ...

How To Present Your Monthly Minute Powerfully

Mastering the true art of networking or connecting is the key for a truly profitable and rewarding experience for you and your business.

On this Masterclass you will learn how to confidently and powerfully present your Monthly Minute.  This means that you will engage the delegates at a meeting and be assured of even more referrals.

  • Having created a memorable monthly minute, prepare to present it powerfully
  • Learn the secrets to confidently, attracting more clients and increasing profits by connecting with your audience.
  • What does your body language say about your business, is there an incongruence?
  • Re-evaluate how you are presenting yourself and your business so that you attract more referrals

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