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Kate Cherry has a true passion for networking, connecting fellow business owners and seeing others flourish. Formerly “scared” of networking after a long career in corporate, she realised how powerful both personal development and meeting like-minded people can be.

Kate has run networking groups in Hertfordshire and attended many in Herts, Beds and London since 2014, so when the Bedfordshire territory of the Athena Network was presented to her for sale, she saw an opportunity to take her experience to another level as part of such a renowned organisation and continue to help others.

Self-employed since 2013, Kate left the corporate world where she was European Head of Data Management for a large American firm in 2014. Having shifted her focus to her business and her family, she still craved that connection with others and an environment to “compare notes” and grow together, she therefore got involved in networking with other small business owners and company executives. She soon started to enjoy being a connector and introducer for those looking for each other’s services, having an ability to easily identify potential collaborations between her contacts, building networking confidence in others.

As it happens, transitioning from 15 years in corporate to running networking groups and growing her own business as a health and beauty consultant was quite a shift. Personal development and connecting with like-minded people was key to Kate’s success in her new careers. With this in mind, she leverages her own learning and experience to help those working for themselves or seeking success.

In her own business, Kate helps people to look and feel better in themselves and loves building confidence and coaching for success. One of her favourite quotes, from Henry Ford, is “Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” and Kate actively helps fellow entrepreneurs to appreciate that they already have in them what they need to succeed and that what has happened previously is not what matters, but what they chose to do now. Everyone is entitled to greatness. Kate leverages this philosophy in both her business and in networking.

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What Athena Members Say …

Nicky Fitzmaurice

"Athena Networking has been the making of me! I have made more friends and learnt more about business tools and networking strategy in the last year than I ever thought possible. Athena’s focus on training members to be the best that they can be, whilst in a supportive and nurturing environment, gave me the confidence to learn and grow which in turn allowed my business to do the same. It is this, that is the heart of Athena. No hard sell amongst the members, we encourage one another to help where we can. I always come away from a meeting inspired and bubbling with ideas on how to grow my business. It’s a fabulous way to live, learn and grow. Nicky Fitzmaurice

Selena Ludick

“The Athena network can be distinguished from any other networking group I attend. Its structure and form mean that members who attend are committed and dedicated to proactive networking which on turn achieves tangible results.  This benefits me and my firm,  in just a two  hour monthly meeting I have the opportunity to talk to other business women about me, my business and what I need and how I can be helped.  The environment for delivering this is focused and professional. As a result referrals are made and recommendations given which, for me achieves increased clients and in turn builds greater contacts.  As a busy business women Athena also provides a forum to connect with other business women on a social / friendship basis so “all work and no play does not make this Jill a dull girl” Athena motivates me, strengthens my vision, equips and endorses me but most of all provides the fuel every business women needs to keep raising her game and stepping up to the mark.”

Rosie Mortimer

Working mostly on my own, I really appreciate the positive camaraderie of the Athena women. Whatever need or concern one has, there is always someone able, and enthusiastically willing, to help with good advice. I find the interaction tremendously stimulating and enjoyable - and highly instructive. A wonderful group to see regularly, with excellent opportunities to meet other interesting and skilled women at training days. Thank you Athena!

Tracey Richardson

"I've been an Athena member since Rachel Maunder launched her first group in Hampshire. And I'm still a member because it has transformed my very individual business by providing me with the professional and personal support system I used to enjoy in corporate life at Marks & Spencer, before I was inspired to put my commercial skills at the disposal of the Third Sector. Whether it be IT products and services, social media training, business strategy advice, personal image consultation, financial advice and planning and last but by no means least great, supportive friends it's all at Athena NEHants."   


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