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Business Networking Really Works!

Business Networking Really Works!

Although daunting for some at first, once you get into the swing of networking it’s hugely rewarding and great fun!

Building a network of people around you who you trust, know and respect is a great way to generate contacts.

This is why the group you join needs to become your premier sales team and why we must work together to make it just that.  In our groups we only allow one lady per profession to be represented and although we aim to balance the industry groups and grow the group strategically we do need your help.

It is much better to be part of the same group with ladies who you can do business with rather than have too many strangers thrown together.

To be successful at networking relationships need to be foremed and often this can take time to develop.

By helping us grow your group by introducing ladies you know into the network, will help you get results quicker.  Alternatively please let your Regional Director know if there are any companies you would benefit from networking with and we’ll invite them along.  You will have the best understanding of a potential strategic partner for you than we will.

“Building a network of people around you who you trust, know and respect is a great way to generate contacts”

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What Athena Members Say …

Alison Sellers

Athena rocks! "I've been a member for 8 years and never cease to be blown away by the benefits. Workshops, business planning, mentoring, conference and blinding social events. My business contact base has grown extensively, I have generated significant revenue through referrals and most importantly I can help others by drawing on my wide base of trusted contacts. Come and experience the magic that is Athena. Alison Sellers ASTUS Financial Planning

Cathy Cornish

“Athena is much more than a business networking group, it is a chance to build very real and long-lasting relationships with other like-minded business ladies, who are both very generous with their support and inspiring to be with.  It’s a fantastic way to find new customers and build your business.” Cathy Cornish Wild to Wonderful Garden Design

Elaine Stavert

"Athena has really changed my life! Not only has it been a fantastic investment – I recouped my membership fee in the first few months – but with the training and support it has given me a wonderful boost of motivation, focus and personal growth. Athena’s ethos of helping others has brought some magical moments with some very special new friends." Elaine Stavert Handmade Natural Toiletries & Home Fragrance Manufacturer & Retailer

Fiona Bowers

"I have been a member of The Athena Network for 4 years and during that time I have grown my business and developed my business skills through the network. Athena is not just a business network, on top of that it has enabled me to grow personally and to make great friends. Athena is THE network I would recommend to any woman in business, it provides support to every member and I never fail to come away from a meeting enthused about the future, with new plans and new skills." Fiona Bowers Cansdales