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Stella Fehmi – Regional Director

Welcome to The Athena Network City & West Essex Regions Canary Wharf Group

Athena Canary Wharf is our new Flagship Group.  A vibrant group of inspirational business women who are committed to working with each other to grow their businesses.

The Canary Wharf Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. There are 10 lunchtime networking meetings per year (no meetings in August and December).

Our venue is Davy’s Wine Bar in Canary Wharf and monthly meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Things to note

Please read the notes on this page especially explaining the lock-out clause of being a member. We only allow one profession per group to maximise your membership.

Meeting Details


Davy’s at Canary Wharf

31-35 Fisherman’s Walk, Canary Wharf, E14 4DH | T: 020 7363 6633 |




  • Tuesday 24 January
  • Tuesday 28 February
  • Tuesday 28 March
  • Tuesday 25 April
  • Tuesday 23 May
  • Tuesday 27 June
  • Tuesday 11 July (Joint meeting with City)
  • No August meeting
  • Tuesday 26 September
  • Tuesday 31 October (Late due to half term – Group’s 1st Birthday)
  • Tuesday 28 November
  • Thursday 14 December (Save the date, venue TBA – Joint Regional with Central London)


  • Tuesday 23 January
  • Tuesday 27 February
  • Tuesday 27 March
  • Tuesday 24 April


Would you like to Attend?

Every Athena Group is keen to see visitors and welcome new members. Membership is open to professional business women who own their own businesses. It is also open to women employed by companies in roles where they are responsible for generating business and gaining new clients.

We would love to welcome you along to the next Athena meeting in Canary Wharf. To make enquiries, to book or to discuss membership please email Stella Fehmi, the Regional Director or telephone 07889 923 719

Are You an Athena Woman?

At Athena, we are committed to attracting the right women to attend our events; executives and entrepreneurs who are:

  • Focused with a professional mind-set.
  • Positive and success oriented.
  • Dedicated to building long-term business partnerships.
  • No woman is too senior or too junior to benefit from this networking opportunity.

We only allow one person from a profession to join each network lunch group, this helps avoid any conflicts of interest.  When you decide to join us you will have professional exclusivity within your group.

We welcome a wide variety of professions, view our member’s details for a full appreciation of professions who choose to join us and expand their network.

You can visit a group near you to find out how we can help you grown your business.  Once you’ve visited a group you can then decide for yourself if our organisation is right for you and your business.   We do find that the majority of ladies who visit make a decision to join us immediately.

Membership is by application only.  If the group you are applying to join already has the profession represented, then we will source another group for you.

You can apply for membership at the end of the meeting; speak to the Membership Secretary for the group who will be happy to help you.

Telephone the local Regional Director to discuss your application and payment options.

Investment Fee – What does it cost you?

Joining The Athena Network is excellent value for money.  For a small investment, you have the opportunity of growing your business by contacts through business networking, meetings held between 12 – 2pm, connecting with other members on Athena Connect (the online community for Athena members) training and regional networking events.

The cost of joining The Athena Network is £295 per annum

Meeting Costs

Each business networking meeting will be catered for and there will be a corresponding networking meeting fee.  Once you become a member your meeting fee is £20*, visitors pay £28.

*Members meeting fees are payable by monthly standing order.  For members who choose not to pay by standing order, the meeting fee is £25 payable at the meeting


Payment for joining The Athena Network your networking meetings, workshops and regional events can be paid by cash, with a credit card or securely, through PayPal.


When you visit our meeting you can pay by cash and when you decide to join us you can also pay by cash at the meeting.

Credit Card/PayPal

Credit card payment can be made securely via PayPal.  Please contact the Regional Director for details

Please Note: Athena operates one service, sector, and profession policy as this helps to avoid any conflict of interest within the groups. This means that each Athena Group admits only one member from any specific service, sector or profession. Therefore, if you are interested in attending a meeting, or you are considering membership, please be sure to outline your profession when contacting Stella Fehmi.

Once we have confirmed your attendance at a meeting you will receive full details so that you can prepare in advance and make the most of your experience with Athena.

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Welcome to Athena City and West Essex Regions

Athena women constantly strive to help their fellow members see remarkable results in the way they communicate their business, their products, and their services. Here, in The City of London, Canary Wharf, and West Essex, we want to: Create opportunities for members to make strategic connections and accelerate business growth. Inspire success and collaboration by developing members’ business and networking skills. Encourage women in business to inspire and support others to achieve success. If you have any questions about how the Athena Network City and West Essex can enable you to grow your business please contact Stella by phone or email on: M: 07889 923 719

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