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Regency Park Hotel
Bowling Green Road
RG18 3RP
Tel: 01635 871555


Would you like to find out more about the Thatcham meetings?   Email or telephone Debbie Miles  who is happy to answer your questions.

Date & Time

Meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 12 – 2pm
To book for the next Thatcham meeting or to discuss membership, please telephone or email Debbie Miles

Debbie Miles
Regional Director
Tel: 07891 503225

Thatcham Member Details

Debbie Miles – Business Coach
Dale Campbell – Trademarks and Patent attorney
Jo Cooke – Professional Decluttering
Fiona Jones – Bookkeeping services
Elizabeth Bayliss – Thermographer and Chiropractor
Jo Teague – Caterer
Toni Kent – Blog and Copywriter
Rebecca Kingwell – Financial Adviser
Sophie Neill – Company Secretary
Julie-Ann Burger – Family Law solicitor
Gaye Perry – Cafe owner and Macaron Producer
Corrine Thomas – Career coaching and NLP for children
Faramade Rees – Management Accountant
Janine Lewis – Nordic Walking and Canicross
Simone Bonnett – Graphic and Web Design
Alison Ward – Travel Agent

Business Development Training

April 2017 – Writing your Story
March 2017 – Business Documentation
February 2017 – Customer Experience Management
January 2017 – Easy ways to grow your business




Athena Network in West Berkshire

Athena Network in West Berkshire

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What Athena Members Say …

It’s better that our members tell you more about us and the benefits that they have gained from joining The Athena Network.

I'm aware that time needs to be made to network, train, build, grow and to celebrate success and moan about the odd disaster, and for this I am so grateful to Athena. Were it not for this network and the monthly get togethers, one to ones and training options I am sure I would spend 100% of my time chained to the aga knee deep in venison casserole and pavlovas!
Jo T ( Caterer -Thatcham )

I am getting my own show on Kennet Radio, I will do it monthly to start with and then will see where it goes.  It is very exciting and exactly the route I would like to go. I am thrilled and it is all thanks to you Debbie and Athena.
Arabella C  (Blogger and Radio Presenter!  Hungerford) 

Athena keeps me on my toes – a good monthly prompt to be tackling some of my less favourite but essential tasks. I feel energised after our lunches and I have met many people who are really helping my business.
Kate C (Architect - Newbury )

Athena is a place where I can receive encouragement and advice from other women in business whether freelancers or entrepreneurs.  With a focus on supporting, not selling, every meeting is a positive opportunity to make new connections and learn skills that directly benefit the success of my business.
Toni K ( Blogger and Copywriter - Thatcham)

The Athena Network  has seamlessly helped me on my journey from a Corporate world to running my own business. It's introduced me to fabulous members, many of which have become clients of mine. My very first event I met a new accountancy firm. We established a great relationship and have worked together ever since. I have used Athena members to help me...interior designer, photography, printing and in turn introduced my clients to Solicitors and Accountants that I've met via Athena. I use to dread networking - I look forward to the Athena meetings.
Caroline M  (Independent Financial Advisor - Hungerford) 

Joining the Athena network is without a doubt the best thing I've done in the years I've been in business.  RD Debbie Miles is clearly passionate about creating a vibrant and friendly environment within her four groups, and the impact it's had has been not just increased referrals, but support, inspiration and even friendships!
Margaret McDonnell (PR  Hungerford)

I joined the Athena network in 2009 and it has been one of the best things I have ever done. Networking with such fantastic and enthusiastic groups of ladies from all lines of business and led by our energetic and encouraging leader, Debbie, has both inspired me and enabled me to work in a very abundant and reciprocal way with many members. I wouldn’t hesitate to thoroughly recommend joining your local group if you want to broaden your horizons and contacts as well as making some very firm friends.From the very first meeting of the group I could sense a real desire to share ideas and support each other, alongside that each member demonstrated drive and passion about their individual businesses. For that reason I joined at the end of that first meeting. I have generated lots of new business through Athena networking. I also find the camaraderie between the group is invaluable especially for someone like myself who works alone. It is definitely worth the money.
Vikki C  (Vie Photography,  Hungerford)

I would say that apart from the many opportunities to do business, Athena has created an amazing opportunity to create and nurture really supportive relationships with other business women in the area.  It has also been a great resource in terms of education ie what other members have expertise in and have shared their knowledge/ a source of reliable business contacts to whom I can refer friends and family to.... plus it keeps me focussed on working ON  my business rather than in it...
Lis A ( Life coach and motivational speaker Hungerford)

I had been a little skeptical about networking groups, but have found Athena to offer so much more real value than I had imagined - the support, the friendships and the business focused discussions have given me extra confidence and determination to push my enterprise forward. In addition, I have certainly benefited directly from sales as a result of being part of the group.
Emma B ( Caterer - Newbury  and Hungerford)

Thank you so much Debbie, you have really given us (and me) a boost! I think you have created something special for women in business in West Berkshire. I found the warmth and support at this week's meeting inspiring.  Thanks again for letting us be part of it.
Helen (Charity Visitor)

I have to say I really like our group, and I'm getting lots of benefit from being a member - not just financial, but the structure of the meetings is very valuable - thank you!  I had a "difficult conversation to have" which I have been putting off for some time and I was able to have it this week, using the advice from Juliette's talk on that subject and all went smoothly.
(Accountant  Newbury )