Meet Debbie Diggle

Debbie was born and raised in Harrow and has not strayed far from her roots – she has only ever moved 8 miles north to Hertfordshire!

After leaving school, she went to the London College of Fashion to train in dress design, pattern-cutting and textiles. That wasn’t taxing enough so she then retrained in computer programming and analysis which kept her very happily employed until in 2001 she started planning her wedding and realised that there was nobody out there who could help with the finer details of the planning and then be there to help out on the day.

Following her wedding in 2002, Debbie decided to fill that gap in the market and Wedding Wonders was born. 2 years later, Debbie took the plunge and left the comfortable computing contract and realised that networking was a great way to build her business.

Being a people-person, Debbie thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network with like-minded business women and having a chance to help others with their businesses.

Since joining Athena, she has never looked back and now, after being a Regional Manager for many years, she launched her first Watford group in October 2011. That was a runaway success so Debbie decided to bite the bullet and buy the South West Herts franchise in May 2012 and the region has gone from strength to strength!

In August 2013, Debbie bought the franchise of The Athena Network North Middlesex and is now running groups in Watford (2 groups), Bushey, Kings Langley, Rickmansworth, Harrow and Northwood.

There are exciting plans in the offing for 2018, so watch this space!

If you are interested in visiting one of Debbie’s groups, please email


Dates of next meetings:

Harrow - Thursday 4th January

Watford - Thursday 9th November

Bushey - Tuesday 21st November

Watford Wednesday - Wednesday 15th November

Rickmansworth - Thursday 16th November

Kings Langley - Tuesday 28th November

Northwood - Thursday 23rd November


Cappuccino Connections

Friday 10th November from 10am to noon at Hunton Park Hotel, Essex Lane, WD4 8PN

Free Ecourse



What SW Herts Athena Members Say …


I've been a member of Athena now for rather more years than I care to remember but my goodness me it works so effectively. I do no other marketing at all of my business, other than my networking, so I have no difficulty in tracking where my clients come from – they’re all Athena ladies or referrals from Athena ladies. What more could any business ask for?


Debbie is a genuine and very enthusiastic person. I am a member of the Rickmansworth Athena Group and the hard work and passion she shows is demonstrated in our group.
We are fortunate to have a wonderful eclectic mix of people from varied professions and our meetings reflect this mix by always being colourful, interesting and I always leave feeling well informed and supported.
Debbie is someone who is easily approachable and I feel safe in the knowledge that she will always be available to listen and help in any way that she can.


Athena was the first networking group I joined and is the most successful for me and my business on every front. Not just the great friendships and connections you make, and of course the fabulous meetings each month, but in just 2.5 years I have had in excess of £25k of business through Athena alone. But Debbie is the real star; she works hard for you and makes you feel like a member of all her groups not just the one you join.

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